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Colleen is a state licensed Massage therapist, Esthetician and Cosmetologist. She is also certified as an Ayurveda Practitioner and Reiki Master. She has formal training in Theta Healing, BodyTalk, Physical Detoxification, Aromatherapy and Alternative health, Nutrition and Supplements.

Colleen was introduced to alternative medicine when her mother was diagnosed in October 2007 with Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer. Colleen had been receiving regular Massage Therapy while having worked many years in the dental industry due to neck, back, wrist and forearm pain.

She learned some basic massage as a volunteer came to do some light massage on her moms legs. Colleens mother was originally given 4-5 months to live. Her mother was not a chemotherapy candidate due to liver damage from years of Statin drugs for high cholesterol.

She and her mother started researching alternative medicine. They make twice yearly trips to Mexico for 3 years where her mother received a dietary lifestyle eating plan, herbs and hoxy drink. Her mother had a good quality of life until passing on March 22, 2010.

Then in April of 2010 Colleen enrolled in an Esthetics and Massage Therapy School. After a couple of years she enrolled in Reiki classes to become a Karuna Reiki Master, Ayurveda Practitioner and Theta Healer. 

What People Are Saying

You have the ability to find the trouble spots on my shoulders and lower back. It amazes me that you can also sense when I am feeling some anxiety and tension. All of that melts away while you work on easing my tense and sore muscle tissue. I look forward to each and every appointment knowing that I will be coming out feeling rejuvenated and relaxed.

John Lara

I entered the Sacred Wellness Center feeling sluggish with a less than sunny disposition. I left feeling energized with a completely different outlook for the day. I continued to feel fantastic throughout week and will be booking another session of energy work with Colleen soon.

Charles Farnsworth

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